Frequently Asked Question

ANY student studying in the undergraduate level can take part in this competition.

No. The competition is only open to undergraduate students.

Yes. In fact, it is a longstanding tradition in PWK that students form cross-university and cross-functional teams to participate in PWK as our goal here at Presentation Success Movement (PSM) is to end the infamous “presentation poverty” for ALL!

Visit Registration Page and fill up the registration form by providing the necessary information.

Then pay the registration fee via bKask and confirm the payment to complete your registration process. You will get the detail information about how to confirm the payment, in registration confirmation mail.

You have to bKash the registration fee of BDT 1,530.00 (Including bKash Charge) to 01855210312, 01831306007, 01842431867, 01775836196, 01758875787, 01927064182.

If you don’t have a bKash number of your own, just go to your nearest bKash Point. Ask the salesperson in the counter to bKash to any of the below numbers: 01855210312, 01831306007, 01842431867, 01775836196, 01758875787, 01927064182.

Ask for the transaction ID & the number from which the bKash was done. Then submit the payment information to payment confirmation page, you will get the payment confirmation page link in registration confirmation email.

You will receive a "registration confirmation mail" right after you complete filling up your registration form.

The registration deadline is 16 OCT 2018. We urge you to register as early as possible because the sooner you register, the more time you will get to start working for the round 1 task

You will get the slide submission information in confirmation mail after completing registration.

You will receive a "submission confirmation mail" right after the slide submission.

Yes, you can use anything from PowerPoint to Prezi.

Results will be announced within 3-4 days of Round 1 submission from the Website. If your team is selected from Round 1, please wait for further instructions on the Website to proceed to Round 2.