PWK – Platform for Presentation Success


Bangladesh then and now

Bangladesh has gone through enormous changes over the years of its existence. It has an uncountable number of stories of change at every nooks and corner. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to tell a particular story of changing trend in Bangladesh through the use of presentation slides. We are interested to see which trend do you pick to present Bangladesh to the judges.


About us

Founded in 2013, PWK is a flagship program of the Presentation Success Movement (PSM) aimed at ending the infamous “presentation-poverty” which is limiting the lifetime income potential for our youth, creating a drag in their personal lives and the economy alike.

PSM works as a national platform to aware, test, and train students from across Bangladesh. PWK is PSM’s annual testing platform whereby students compete to show their acquired skills along the four dimensions of presentations: storytelling, verbal delivery, quick analytical thinking, and instant selling.

PWK 2018 is the fourth edition of this national competition and has gained somewhat of a cult-like following among its target groups. The previous toppers in this platform include students from some of the best and the brightest universities of the country.

The Gala Round of PWK is usually held as part of the Presentation Success Summit (PSS), the flagship annual event of PSM for inspiring, raising awareness about, and celebrating the power of “presentations” in making our lives bigger and better. The topic usually centers on instant selling in rather unique contexts. It is noteworthy that the Presentation Success Summit (PSS) is an amalgamation of three things: PWK Gala Night, presentation inspiration sessions, and training workshops for thousands of youngsters across the country.

The need for a “nationwide” coordinated movement for developing presentation skills for today’s youth was conceived by Md Saimum Hossain, the entrepreneur and educator. All three of the activities mentioned above (PSM, PWK, and PSS) are thus led by him along with a passionate group of volunteers from different universities of Bangladesh.

Tentative Timeline


Task Opens Closes
PWK Registration & Round 1 Brief September 25th, 2018 October 23th, 2018
Summit-day Registration - -
Round 1 Slides Submissions October 10, 2018 October 23th, 2018
Round 1 Result - -
Round 2 Workshop - -
Round 2 Presentations & Results - -
Round 3 Briefs Sent - -
Round 3 Presentations - -
Summit Day - -


Round 1

Your slides will be judged based on the following criteria:

Quality of Slides 30%
Compelling Nature of the Story 50%
Quality of Content 20%

Competition Rules to Keep in Mind

  • Please note that the Judge’s decision will be the final decision for selection.
  • The Movement holds rights to disclose materials of the participants to judges or any social/print media with full credits, for competition purposes ONLY.
  • Any act of plagiarism will lead to disqualification of the team.
  • Submission deadlines must be met.
  • The teams may use any sort of feasible ideas required for their slides.
  • Maximum number of slides is 15.
  • Any mode of slide-making software is allowed.
  • DO NOT provide us with any videos.
  • Note that your slide submission will follow a confirmation mail from the Foundation.
  • Your submitted slides cannot be more than 7 MB in size. Please do not forget to zip your files before uploading.
  • File name should be the same as the team name.
  • The Movement holds rights to alter any of the above mentioned rules without any formal notice. But maximum effort will be undertaken to ensure transparency and equitable distribution of notice of change.